So many things to do in LA to be active and be Lyvly

Why Belyvly?

At Lyvly we believe in the power that being active, whether by yourself or with friends, has a tremendous value to each individual’s well-being. We’ve all gained so much by trying new activities, meeting people with shared interested, and repaying the favor by passing the things that we love to do to new enthusiasts.

We want to create real bonds between activity organizers and participants. For organizers, you can take control of your own schedule and offer your activities where, when, and to who you want. For participants, we want to broaden your mind, help you find new activities to do, get involved in a recurring exercise, make the most of unique experiences, and give you the opportunity to meet other great people while doing so.

The benefits are there for all to see, all we want to do is help you along your journey to be more active, to be more healthy, to be the best you that you can be.

So step out the door, try something new, and Be Lyvly today!

The Lyvly Team