Of all the things to do in Los Angeles, scuba diving is one of the most under-appreciated but most incredible

Where to go Scuba Diving in Los Angeles?

The phrase “scuba diving” conjures up mental imagery of warm tropical waters, underwater cameras, and colorful little fish — but that doesn’t mean that you have to go all the way to the tropics to enjoy this activity! There are a ton of locations right here in LA that offer scuba diving lessons or discovery dives. This is your chance to get away underwater for a few hours and forget the world, coming right back up refreshed as if you went on that vacation. The most important factor in picking a scuba shop is good quality equipment, but lucky for you we’ve summarized some of the best scuba diving spots in LA right below!

1. Hollywood Divers

Location: 3575 Cahuenga Blvd W, Los Angeles, CA 90068 – Courses: here

Hollywood Divers is the number one rated local dive shop of the area, and has over 17 different classes for any level that you may be at. The shop also offers diving certification (both PADI and NAUI) and is staffed with welcoming, experienced personnel. Fun fact: Hollywood Divers also rents gear and cameras to the film industry!

2. Ocean Safari Scuba

Location: 125 E. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel, CA 91776 – Courses: here

Ocean Safari Scuba is a welcoming scuba center that caters well to both beginners and advanced divers. Beginners will find kind instructors in their classes, and those with more experience have the opportunity to go on magnificent adventures such as visiting the Avenger Plane Wreck, exploring around Catalina Island, and even staff-led expeditions to dive in the Galapagos!

3. Eco Dive Center

Location: 4027 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City, CA – Courses: here

This funky dive shop offers classes at the beginner, advanced, and pro levels. They offer lots of coupons and clearance deals on gear and programs, and students can earn navigation certification too! Look for Instructor Jorge Valdez.

4. Ocean Adventures

Location: 4144 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 – Courses: here

Ocean Adventures is a solid local scuba center with masterful classes, a scuba diving blog, and – most excellently – expeditions to Santa Cruz, Redondo Beach, and Anacapa that are sometimes free to attend! (if you’re already a certified diver, of course).

All of the above are wonderful areas to get your scuba on! Before you head on over, here’s a fun facts about this sport you’re embarking on 😉 Scuba is actually an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus! This refers to how scuba divers have an oxygen tank and thus can breathe well completely underwater, without air from the surface.

*Courses: each shop offers a variety of programs based on level, time of instruction, and types of equipment — call the shop, and they will happily find the program that works best for you!