Hiking is one of the best activities to do in LA so make sure to get started

Getting Started with Hiking is Amazing

Someone very close to me once told me: “There is no Wi-Fi in the forest, but I promise you will find a far better connection there”. I couldn’t agree more. This short guide hopes to help you discover this better connection! If you are considering going for a hike this weekend, you might want to read this before jumping into your journey🙂

If you’ve never hiked before, chances are, hiking may seem intimidating. However, I will debunk the myth that hiking is a sport for super fit travelers with massive backpacks on their shoulders traveling for days across the mountains. (Though that image does sound epic!) Let me reassure you: hiking can definitely be an epic adventure  but like all epic adventures, it has to start somewhere. You can begin small and just explore the surroundings of your local park or nearby hill.

How to Get Started:

  1. Set a goal: Let’s start with something simple  after all, this is a beginner’s guide. How many miles can you hike for? How often do you want to hike? Setting goals and increasing difficulty levels as you get better will encourage you to go outdoors more. Plus, it is nice to see how much you have improved since your first hike.
  2. Pick a location: Once again, there is no need to be a hero. If you have a full day, maybe drive to one of the most popular trails near you. If you have a few hours, pick the closest park or hill near you. Make sure to start with an easy spot that will allow you to stop when necessary and get back to your car or home quickly. Note: if you’re looking to go hiking in Los Angeles check out our post on LA Hiking Trails with Ocean Views and stay tuned for other top tips on hiking trails and reasons to hike in LA. 
  3. Tell your friends: Hiking is best when done with good company. The best hiking pictures I ever took all include some of my best friends. However, if you decide to go solo, it’s important that you let someone know when and where you are going.

Great! Now just put on your nicest pair of high stilettos, your favorite dress and you are ready for some of the most hilarious hiking pictures ever seen! 😉

Pictures by Lyvly Ambassador: Gabs W.