Why get a personal trainer in Los Angeles when everything is so easily accessible? This is why!

Why It’s Worth Getting a Personal Trainer

“Sore today, strong tomorrow.”

“Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.”

“No pain, no gain. No excuses, just train!”

There are probably other motivational workout quotes that pop to your mind too, some that inspire you more than others. These quotes remind us to not quit, that fitness is fun, and that we’re almost there. But if we have these quotes to push us, what else does a personal trainer provide?

Just look around you! In Los Angeles there are a ton ofย really fit and good looking people and for most of them that’s not a coincidence, it came with patience, hard work, and often a little love from a personal trainer.

So why do you need to get a personal trainer?

Mental Motivation

While your trainer probably will have a few iconic quotes that he or she says, personal trainers also help motivate clients in that they keep you accountable. It’s way too easy to stay home and let Netflix continue to play instead of going in for a workout, or enjoying just a scoop of ice cream when you’re supposed to be eating healthy. Personal trainers stick with you whether you’ve met your goals or fallen a little short, and encourage you so that you’ll continue on your fitness path! Also, you’re a lot less likely to skip out on a training session with your personal trainer if you know they’re expecting you (and you’ve booked and paid for it already).

Good Form = Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Injury

Ever walked in the gym, picked a machine, and not really known what you were doing? You can look at the picture of the guy on the side, showing you how to do the exercise, but how do you know if your form is right or you’re “repping” a good weight? That’s a big part of where personal trainers come in.

Personal trainers are well educated individuals that are there to help you be the best you (another motivational quote…). They’ve had a lot of experience with all of the weights, exercises, and machines at the gym. You can tell them that you’d like to work on shoulders, and they can show you which exercises to do, with how many sets, how many repetitions, how much weight, and how much rest in between it all. For more complicated motions like deadlifts, personal trainers can demonstrate proper form so that you don’t injure yourself badly while trying to imitate somebody else doing the motion โ€”ย it’s not quite the same as copying a Youtube video! They’re also available to correct your form at the moment to best target muscle groups for the gains.

Getting Results: A Realistic Workout Schedule

Besides showing you how to do exercises well, personal trainers can also help you decide how to achieve the workout results you want. You can talk to your personal trainer about the way that you eat, what your schedule is like, and other details, and then he or she can think about how to set goals for progressing. For example, if your bench press goal is 140 lbs, your personal trainer can guide you in increments to that goal in a personalized way. They can even introduce you to new exercisesย that make your active life generally more fun!

Most personal trainers also know a lot about food! Specifically, they may help you think about how much protein to drink after a workout and how else to eat so your diet and gym exercises work towards the same fitness goal. There might be more to bulking than eating chicken.

Everybody knows that sticking to a fitness schedule is not easy, and that the infamous gym can be a intimidating place. Try out a personal trainer to help you out and power through!