Finding your inner zen is important. Corporate wellness breeds happy employees.

What Is Corporate Wellness and How to Do it Well?

What do you think a corporate wellness program actually is? (It’s okay if your answer isn’t super straightforward, because honestly the concept isn’t either ๐Ÿ™‚ )

A corporate wellness program is a company-planned program that is designed specifically to increase the health and wellness of employees. This might include providing employees with discounted or free opportunities to fitness, helping employees eat wholesome foods, or increasing the sense of workplace cohesiveness and community. A company I know, for example, has all of its employees take a mid-morning recess to walk around the park before coming back in to the cubicle.

As a company that prioritizes the well-being of its employees and also gets to engage with a lot of fun, active events also, let us share our tips with you!

  • Employee’s wish, employee’s command:ย In addition to a statistical analysis of what you think your employees need the most, it’s always good to understand your employees well enough that your program can help them each personally as well. Someone who’s never smelled cigarette smoke really won’t benefit from a smoking cessation class. If you need some help, you can give your employees a quick quiz on what they feel like they need to work on in terms of wellness. Suggestions include changes to sleep, eating, exercise, mental health, relationship health, or addictions.
  • Set good goals:ย We’ve heard of the general goal-making strategy, right? ย SMART goalsย are a great place to start, but for corporate wellness there’s more. It’s a hard topic to set goals for, because the idea of it is so broad, so you’ll want to pick what constructs matter to you. If you have general data on your employees, you can run a few simple data analytics in order to help you brainstorm. For example, your company might be spending a lot on health insurance, which means your employees are getting pretty sick pretty often. So, do you want employees that get sick less often? Use less health insurance for diseases that could be easily prevented by a more active lifestyle? Smile more? Think about your employees and also a cost-benefit analysis in order to identify what specifically you’ll focus on about wellness.
  • Make it a company thing: This is probably the most fun and easy point to hit on this list. Goals are best accomplished with group support, and having every employee work together to be healthier can be a lot of fun! To do this, you can host group exercise classes or plan a company activity,ย like sailing around the bay.ย I’ve also been to company outings where we run around playing paintball with one another! Since this program is for every single employee, doย try to engage everybody. Maybe you can offer a raffle incentive or have the higher-up positions of the company set a good example.

Yes, workplace wellness is important, and yes, it can be hard โ€”ย but we hope our tips give you a little something to think aboutย to help both you and your employees!