Party boats, sunset cruises, and wakeboard boats are among some of the most popular types of boats from Marina del Rey.

Party Boat? Wakeboard? Fishing? Which Boat to Pick?

Boating is one of the most popular activities in Los Angeles — and we are not surprised why! There’s nothing more exhilarating than sailing with the ocean breeze and enjoying splashes of seawater with your friends. You would appreciate Los Angeles in a whole new perspective.

So whether you want to go on a massive party boat from Marina del Rey, a sick sunset cruise from the Beach Cities, or wakeboarding in Long Beach, we’ve got you covered to make sure you pick the right boat.

Watersports Boats

1. Ski boat:

Ski boats are specialized motorboats designed for two things: to pull a skier out of the water and to make it easy to navigate on water without disturbing the balance of the boat. Unfortunately, the engine is located in the cockpit, which may be a bit of an inconvenience. However, this setup keeps the boat balanced and the wake size at a minimum

2. Wake boat:

Unlike ski boats, wake boats have specialized features designed to make bigger wakes. For example, the engine is in the rear of the boat. It’s also equipped with ballast bladders, big vinyl tanks filled with water. With a press of a button, the water inside it can be drained to create a bigger wake size. This is important, because bigger wakes allow wake boarders to perform tricks better.

3. Wake surf boat:

The difference between a wake boat and a wake surf boat is that the wake surf boat is specifically designed to create large, continuous wakes similar to an ocean wave on one side of the boat. The weight of the boat depends on the surfer’s orientation and is shifted using bladders and passengers as ballast. This boat is equipped with two trim tabs, plates that help make bigger wakes on the other side of the boat. The boat leans on one side and moves slowly to create the largest possible wave. To surf, hold onto the rope and wait until the wake propels the board. Then let go of the rope and surf away.

Boats for Fishing

1. Bass boat:

This fishing boat is designed for casting and landing your fish efficiently. It moves quickly from different fishing spots and has an accessible fish box to secure your catch. The boat has a platform where you can cast your bait and sit or stand. Although bass boats are propelled by big outboard motors, you can easily steer it using your feet; you can adjust the trolling motor while holding a fishing rod.

2. Panga:

If you love the sun, this fishing boat is your ideal option. Pangas seldom have canvas shades because it impedes rod movement. The fishing boat is designed for low water fishing. It’s very simple: there is a bench and some storage space. Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

3. Sport fisher:

The sport fisher is designed for those who want to fish in style. It has a cockpit, flying bridge (with an amazing view), cabin (with bathroom), kitchen, and a comfortable seating area. If you want to go fishing in speed and comfort, opt for this boat.

Deck Boats (a.k.a. Party Boats)

This is the ultimate party boat. A deck boat has a wide platform carried by pontoons with outboard motor. More and more deck boats are being customized to have bathrooms, furniture, sound systems, fridges, barbecue areas, and high performance engine. These boats are optimized to host lavish parties on the water. Just walk around in the Marina and see what I mean… Get ready to mingle!

Runabout Boats

Runabout boats are multipurpose. It can be used for various water activities, though the experience may be mediocre. Typically, these boats are used for socializing and transportation. Runabout boats can have an open or closed seating bow that accommodates at least 2-4 adults. All runabout boats have a shaded canvas called “bimini”. Most have built in coolers and cup holders for an ice cold drink under the blazing sun.

Day Sailboats

The irony in a day sailboat is that it is one of the simplest-designed boats yet the most complicated to man. Since the ultimate objective is to sail, you’ll constantly be kept on your toes busy sailing the boat. Popular brands include Lasers and Sunfish. Sailboats range between 10 to 25 feet long. The perk of a bigger sailboat is that they are equipped with a cabin and a full cockpit.

And that’s a wrap. These are the most common boats you will encounter at sea. There may be slight differences in names and terminology, so make sure you brush up on the boat’s functionality before renting. Otherwise, we recommend you experiment with a new boat every time so you can determine your favorite. Have fun and enjoy your experience!

Pictures by Lyvly Ambassador: Alex V.