Marina del Rey boat rentals as seen from the harbor

Boating in Los Angeles: Discover Marina Del Rey

Marina del Rey directly translates to Harbor of the King. So it isn’t surprising that this charming beach town is considered the heart and soul of boating and sailing in Los Angeles. Less than half an hour from LAX, this man-made harbor offers an almost unlimited variety of boats that you can rent or charter. This harbor can accommodate over 6,000 small boats, making it one of the largest small-boat harbors in the world. Treat yourself like royalty and get ready for a day adventure in Marina del Rey.

Accommodation in Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey offers many resort-style, waterfront and chic hotels for your multi-night stays. Only 4 miles away from LAX, these hotels are extremely popular for business and leisure travelers. Visitors enjoy close proximity to high-end restaurants that overlook the harbor and a quick walk or bike ride away from Venice Beach.

Marina del Rey Boat Rentals

Marina is a central hub for boat rentals. You can choose from a wide range of boats depending on the activity that you want to partake in. If you’re feeling adventurous, hop on a water sports boat or a party boat. Otherwise, enjoy the Pacific Ocean on a tiny sailboat or a relaxing yacht cruise.

If you aren’t looking to splurge on a boating trip but are still looking for some seawater fun, Marina del Rey also provides a WaterBus. This is similar to a taxi but on water. For only $1, this ferry takes you throughout the marina, including popular tourist locations and waterfront restaurants.

Things to do in Marina del Rey

If you’re not in the “boating” mood, you can check out these popular attractions:

  • Fisherman’s Village offers other water activities you can do like paragliding, jet skiing, paddle boarding, snorkeling and kite surfing. There are also a collection of seafood restaurants and souvenir shops.
  • Burton W. Chace Park overlooks the marina and boat docks. Pack a picnic basket and eat lunch with a view on the grassy areas or picnic tables. During the summer (from June to August), Chace Park hosts the Marina del Rey Summer Concert Series.
  • Mother’s Beach is a peaceful lagoon next to Marina Beach Park (make sure to check out the paddle boarding here). If you’re tired of ocean waves, this lagoon has no waves and offers a playground for some sandy beach fun.
  • The Waterfront Walk is a strip of sidewalk where you can walk along the docks and smell the fresh air.

Marina del Rey has a uniquely refreshing ambiance. So even if you just want to stroll and take pictures, Marina del Rey is the perfect place to do so.

Where to Go from Marina del Rey

If you want to explore outside Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Malibu, Playa del Rey and even Catalina Island is a short trip away. Within walking distance is Venice, where you can enjoy some metro-beach vibe. Near Marina del Rey is also Dockweiler State Beach, where many set up bonfires in designated fire rings and you can even learn how to hang glide.

Marina del Rey is the perfect getaway for all ages. The best part is most activities are affordable if not free. With the multitude of boating, water sports activities, and attractions, you have the selection fit for a king. Good luck getting bored of Marina! They don’t call this place the Harbor of the King for no reason

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Pictures by: Alessandro S.

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