Yoga on the beach in Los Angeles followed by brunch is the best of LA

A Hip Saturday Morning: Brunch and Beach Yoga

21st century Los Angeles county has a reputation for being laid-back yet impeccably on top of the latest trends. We, Los Angelians, generally like kale, organic products, and “artsy” nature pictures; we don’t like rain, put on coats when the temperature drops under 70, and occasionally meet celebrities while getting ice cream. Also characteristic of LA culture is a love for brunch and new athletic trends like beach yoga. So what better Saturday morning could you have in LA than enjoying those two together? I know I’ve done that before.

In LA, we’re blessed by beaches — Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu, and more. While we don’t go as often as others imagine (nor do we surf to work — unless you do?), we’ve all been to soak up the rays before. So it’s time to take advantage of the seaside we live next to!

Some of my favorite Saturday mornings would start off with some beach yoga. I’d wake up early enough to catch the radiant dawn, and  be at the beach before the talkative crowds and their beach umbrellas fill the space. (Tip: The sunrise at Santa Monica beach doesn’t come from the ocean direction, so don’t look for it there, those first three times…). With me would be my yoga mat, on my face some SPF 15, and beside me two dear friends. While taking in the serene ocean in front of us, we’d lay our mats down and start with slow breathing exercises. Next would be some cat-cow stretch, a couple downward facing dogs, and – when the sun peeked over the horizon — sun salutations. I’d move on to some more challenging poses, like Warrior III.

By the time the sun had fully come out of hiding, I would have finished my beach yoga workout and settled comfortably on my mat, listening to the steady waves. My friends would have been similarly finished, and we would relax together, marveling at the scene and calmness and how much we’d accomplished in an hour where few were awake.

Soon after, the peace would be disturbed by the tourists and the sound of the city waking up. And we would be hungry! So brunch it was, a meal as leisurely and graceful (and Insta-worthy) as our morning yoga. Luckily for us, the LA area also boasts quality coffee and innovative dishes from all cultures – and it’s easy to get good brunch by the beach!

One of the most popular brunch places in the area is Urth Caffé in Santa Monica ( a whopping 2500+ Yelp reviews that average to four stars). My friends and I have been there before and enjoyed their pretty lattes, large portions, and vegan options. It’s the epitome of a cafe in LA, with flowers and lights, but definitely always packed as well. When we start our Saturdays at Santa Monica beach, we go to Blue Daisy instead. The outdoor back patio is cute and comfortable, there’s chalk on the walls, and the many kinds of eggs benedict satisfy my cravings every time. For those that aren’t in the mood for a runny egg, Blue Daisy also has really good crêpes (sweet and savory) — my friend loves the marscapone crêpe with berries.

Sometimes we might go down to downtown Manhattan Beach for a different scene! The beach is a little quieter, but the quality of the brunch is extraordinaire. The Rockefeller and Manhattan Beach Post both have everything I could ever desire — dishes like chicken fried steak burger and pineapple upside down griddle cake, respectively. MBP keeps things super – seasonal (sometimes changing menus within the month!). Thinking about this makes me crave more brunch!

There’s something so nice about starting my Saturdays peaceful, accomplished, and aesthetic, and beach yoga and brunch is my favorite way to do so. It’s also a great way to enjoy what LA and what its culture has to offer.

Photos by: Harshlight

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