Learning how to box and to throw punches is a fantastic workout and easy to get started

How to Throw Those Punches Like a Boss

When I was about eight, I used to always compete with my brother on Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em robots. We’d both place our thumbs on the buttons, count down to one, then squish the buttons as fast as we could to defeat the other person’s robot toy. A couple years later, we kids started playing with technology instead of model toys and then again we challenged each other, this time on Wii Sports Boxing. Our Mii characters would circle each other in the ring, and we’d work on dodging blows. To this day, I’m not exactly sure how it’s decided who wins or loses β€” every time we played, I thought the result would be pretty random.

All that to say, my brother and I have been pretty interested in boxing-type games for a while now, but have never really started on the activity. I know boxing is a full body workout, and that it can release stress and look pretty fun, but how would I start? You can learn along with me through these tips πŸ™‚ :

First, find or get yourself a punching bag and protective equipment. This guideΒ will walk you through some basics of what material, size, and weight your might think about getting, if you’re going to buy one yourself. Or, your local gym might have one hanging around somewhere! You’ll probably also need hand wraps and bag gloves in order to protect your wrists and hands. Don’t be caught off guard – the bag is pretty rough and tough.

Next, make sure that you’re punching right. If you don’t, you’ll end up hurting yourself and starting bad habits that you’ll have to fix later.

  • Punches are supposed to be “snappy” β€”Β that is, a quick jab out and then bringing your arm right back in. This helps you use your energy efficiently.
  • Also, use your entire body to punch! The strength is from more than just your arm and knobby fist. Instead of just using those parts, you should turn your torso as you’re punching to put the weight of your body behind each punch.
  • Start with smaller combos! Three to five punches should suffice, as there’s no need to go overboard in the beginning as you’re building strength and speed!
  • When you punch, make sure to breathe out! This is similar to most workouts, where you’re supposed to breathe out with the part of the exercise that makes you tired (bringing the bar up in benching or when you’re coming up in a sit up, for example)
  • As you punch, look at your target. You should specify a part of the bag (if it has an icon on it, that’s a good spot!) that you’re trying to aim for, so you can increase your accuracy and practice awareness of where you’re punching during practice. If you go on to boxing matches, this will help you as you decide where on your opponent to aim for!

Although the first few punches made me feel a little silly, a couple punches later I was really breathing hard and enjoying my workout! All those childhood years of play, and now I’m really trying the sport out.