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Little Businesses, Big Corporate Wellness

The notion of keeping your employees happy and healthy is really growing nowadays, which is awesome! Google gives its employees massages, nap pods, and made-to-order organic breakfast bowls, while Earth Friendly Products has organic gardens at each location that employees are free to pluck from.ย You don’t have to have quite enough money to buy each employee a Fitbit, but you can still implement great corporate wellness programs as a smaller business ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are some tips:

  • Think about the people: Yes, wellness programs can help your company save money, but there are some soft benefits as well. Having a corporate health and wellness program is a good way to demonstrate your company’s appreciation and care for your employees โ€”ย which will encourage them to stay longer and work better. Sometimes, the little incentive of having a program in place may persuade talented recruitsย to work for you instead of elsewhere.
  • Having partners is good: Just as chefs like to use locally grown produce, you as a businessperson should appreciate other local businesses. There may be groups nearby that you may partner with to the benefit of both – such as companies that offer fitness classes or other wellness boosting activities. They could offer your employees a discount in exchange for your referral.
  • Basic is not bad: Don’t be taken aback or discouraged by the fancy corporate wellness programs that some big companies have going. Even having some basics in place is encouraging to your employees and beneficial for you! Partial reimbursements for healthy behavior (such as visiting the gym 3x a week) are motivational yet easy.
  • Help employees use their own resources: Even something as simple as reminding your employees to get their annual physical check ups can be good for them and for you. It’s not hard to go in for this visit, but if there are any health concerns for your employee, the doctor will be able to catch them while they’re still new and treatment will be much more simple. Don’t forget regular visits to the dentist and optometrist as well!
  • Invest patiently: The nature of corporate wellness programs is that they are an investment, and the return on investment will take a little bit of time to see. However, these programs are also preventative, which is much better than fronting the costs when they come. Over time, medical costs will decrease and your employees will be happier โ€”ย and all of this definitely adds upย through the years.
  • Ask for expert advice: It’s likely that your broker or other financial partner has some experience with wellness programs that they’d be happy to share with you, or you can start with other free resources online.ย There might be perks that you didn’t know existed that you may use to your advantage, like complimentary tools with some other service you subscribe to.

It doesn’t take very much to work towards a better workplace community made of more contented employees!

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One thought on “Little Businesses, Big Corporate Wellness

  1. Benjamin Ngiam says:

    It’s good to see that there are companies who do care about the welfare of their employee but we must never forget to keep tabs on them as well lol.

    I’ve worked in a few companies before and myself, as a person who is self-motivated and driven to ensure my duties are done right, would surely thrive in companies that do takes care of us and we will grow together for sure as we strive for excellence together.

    However, there are (Unfortunately) lots of bad apples out there. Be it employees who just doesn’t care about others but themselves or companies who just cares about nothing but profits.

    I have dealt with both sides of the spectrum and it seriously sucks to have to deal with them. Sad truth is majority of the people / companies out there are like this. At least in my experience lol.
    Companies that doesn’t care about working condition or happiness of the employee and employees who just don’t give a shit about their duties and always try to skive off work whenever possible.

    People (Both higher management and lower ground levels) pushing responsibilities when something goes wrong. It’s just sad lol. The mindset of these people, it just pains my heart especially when I have to take responsibility for something which is obviously not my fault lol. Pretty sure many of us can relate here.

    One of the reasons to why I started my blog and the little community is exactly to help people deal with such BS in life. We have suicide cases or people falling into severe psychological issues because of them and I really want to help prevent or at least lower the risk of that.

    It’s nice to meet other nice people who has the same unselfish, altruistic and caring attitude towards life ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up the positive spirit eh? We need to spread them all over!

    Your pal,


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