One of LA's most visited harbors is Marina Del Rey

Exploring Activities of Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey is the world’s largest man made small boat harbor — but long fancy title aside, it’s also a very popular outing location in the LA area. You could spend a few hours kayaking among ocean wildlife, taking a leisurely bike ride along the coast to Santa Monica beach, or savoring a nice meal at the Fisherman’s Village while watching the sun shining on the waterfront… the options are almost endless! Whether you’re an LA native or touring, there’s always something new to look at or do at the Marina. See if you can make all of these activities into memories!

  • Water sports: The harbor at Marina del Rey and the nearby Playa del Rey beaches are perfect places for just about any water activity you can think of. Equipment rentals can be made from the shop at the harbor, too — you can try kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, rowing, windsurfing, sailing, or SUP yoga with ease! Our favorite is boating.
  • More things with the ocean: Besides these athletic activities, the area around Marina del Rey also has lots of other opportunities to interact with the water in a less tiring way. You can enjoy a broad view of the LA coast through parasailing, catch some dinner by sport fishing,  or take a leisurely loop around the harbor in an electric motorboat!
  • Seaside dining: There are a number of cafés and fine dining restaurants around Marina del Rey that offer yummy food with seating that offers spectacular views of the water. It’s fun to sip on my morning coffee while looking at boats coming in and out of the harbor, or to enjoy a chocolate cake with romantic views of the colorful sunset! Also, fun fact: The Cheesecake Factory had its beginnings in this area.
  • Pedal, pedal! Biking along the coast in the LA area is a treat because you can get from beach to sunny beach in just a few minutes, and enjoy the coastal views and breeze while you’re at it! From the Marina del Rey harbor, it’s easy to go north to the infamous Santa Monica or Venice beaches, and going south will land you at wonders like Hermosa or Manhattan Beach. It’s easy to rent bikes at any of these places and explore to your heart’s content!
  • Enjoy the environment at Fisherman’s Village: While a bit of a touristy spot (and also where some of Arrested Development was filmed), Fisherman’s Village at Marina del Rey is always a good place to stroll, people-watch, and explore. Personally, I could happily spend an afternoon appreciating the architecture or looking at the boats and sea lions in the water. The little shops are also fun to take a peek at!
  • An event at the Marina: These occasions are often, novel, and really fun 🙂 Where else can you experience free music concerts alongside ocean views every weekend? Other awesome events include champagne brunch cruises, group SUP’ing to honor those that battle breast cancer, and summer car shows!

All in all, it’s almost crazy how many different things there are to do at our Marina del Rey! There’s something for everybody, whether the goal is to adventure, exercise, or chill.