Hang gliding in LA is absolutely fantastic - go and catch some wind over our beautiful hills

The Basics of Hang Gliding and Where to Fly

Be the person you want to be. And if that person is a person that wants to fly above LA like a soaring eagle in the sky then power unto you. LA is literally one of the best places in the world for hang gliding. Great thermals, the right amount of wind, usually great weather, there are over 300 days of great flying every year. That’s why I really want to make this more accessible to you.

For beginners I highly recommend you try out the intro to hang gliding course nearest to you offered by Joe and Greg at Windsports. You’ll be launching from Dockweiler Beach near the LA airport (don’t worry you are way below and away from the plane take off area) over a 30 foot hill with a soft landing on the beach below. The instructors are all incredibly professional while remaining friendly and helpful to anyone looking to learn more about this fun activity. They have modern equipment and top notch gliders for you to just go and try it out for a day or even get certified to become a pilot. Of course in the pilot course you’ll need to go through some classroom time as well to truly nail the basics.

For all of these classes the equipment will be provided to you. We just recommend that you make sure you’re wearing comfortable gear for yourself. Make sure to have comfy shoes, long pants, and sunglasses. Dress in layers as it can get windy and don’t forget your sunblock.

Once you’ve graduated from the hill you can join the adult club and try your wits out in Sylmar or try out a tandem flight experience with a pilot out at Kagel Mountain. You can also fly over the Malibu coast. The 30 minute flight sees you launch from 3,500ft above the ground with a view of the entire coast and landing softly on the beach for an incredibly experience. Not for the faint of heart!

If you live in LA and want to try something new we highly recommend giving one of these options a try for one of the most liberating experiences out there. Get out and fly!