Enjoy sand between your toes and Santa Monica waves brushing your knees with your significant other.

A Perfect Date on the Beach: Best Date Ideas on the Best Beaches

The idea of the romantic beach date is sooo iconic for a very good reason: there’s nothing like looking at the great ocean with your significant other, holding hands as you walk along the shore, or snuggling with a glass as you watch the sunset. But maybe because there are all these expectations to a beach date, you’re a little scared of planning one but the reality is just walking together on the sand can be amazing. But if you’re looking for something more having some ideas of what to do will help. So here it goes.

When you’re planning a beach date (yes, planning!) there are couple basic things to keep in mind. For starters, you’ve got to make sure that the beach will be open that day and the weather will be nice (sometimes beaches close based on turtle breeding season, city events, etc). Most of the best beaches in LA are open year round but you should still look them up. Making sure the annoying details like parking and decent public restrooms are taken care of is equally important to avoid running into unexpected difficulties. Finally, make a list of all the stuff you should bring so you don’t forget it the day of! For example: your favorite snacks, sunscreen, a blanket to sit on and wrap up in, a selfie stick, or a pack of playing cards.

With all the things of the beach available, what to actually do.

  • Build a sand castle: Harder than you think it is! If you bring shovels and pails, you might be able to shape up a pretty legit-looking castle instead of a little mound of sand. Working on something together with your date helps bring you closer, and maybe you’ll have a flirty sand fight while you’re at it!
  • Books and drinks: You know you’ve reached a great place in your relationship when you and your significant other are happy to just spend time next to one another. Enjoy the calming atmosphere at the beach by just reading books together while sipping on some of your favorite cold drinks (check open container laws ahead of time if that’s your thing)!
  • Wade in the water: Even though it’s sunny Southern California, the water can still be nice and cool, leading to many awesome water based activities! Surprise your date by splashing him or picking her up and dunking her in the water (but don’t make them mad!). A playful water fight is a great way to cool off, laugh together, and get a little competitive.
  • Play a game: The sand is a good arena for so many things, active and less so. You can bring a frisbee, football, volleyball, pack of playing cards, chess board, or anything else you’d like to have a game date on the beach. Bonus: Raise the stakes by including bets! Loser has to buy the winner an ice cream cone, let the winner plan their next date, or get buried in the sand.
  • Be romantic: There’s a lot of things you can do to make a romantic beach date, especially because there’s already an air of love by the beachside. You could watch the sunset together, collect seashells, take Polaroid pictures, or make a little treasure hunt for your date. I’ve definitely seen people propose like that!
  • Bonus for LA peeps: Go to Dockweiler beach nice and early, pick a fire pit and cook yourself a romantic bbq right in front of the ocean. You’ll get mad credit for this.

Now that you have some beach date ideas, get going!

Pictures by: Alessandro Sacco