Try stand-up paddleboarding with a new twist. LA offers plenty of waters for you to test new yoga on a board.

The New Idea of Stand Up Paddle Yoga

Innovative variation on familiar concepts is exciting! We’re used to donuts, but donut ice cream sandwiches, cronuts (croissant-donuts) and beignets become must-trys because they’re an interesting spin of the classic donut. Striped and solid shirts are good, but a tastefully patterned top catches the eye and compels one to buy it in ways that plain white tees might not.

In my opinion, the same concept applies to yoga. So many already enjoy the practice of yoga, but it definitely takes things up a notch when the yoga is done a little differently — like on the water, on a stand up paddle board (not sure what that is? Check out our explanation here! What does SUP yoga feel like?


For somebody who already has quite a bit of difficulty balancing on one leg for a long time on solid ground (like me!), paddleboard yoga is many times more difficult. The floating board that you stand on in SUP yoga will shift beneath you if your balance is off, making you change your form and use your abs to stay still and poised. This is even harder if the waves rock the board a little bit, and if you’re practicing holding one — legged stances, but that means a more engaging workout too! I’d highly recommend starting at a place of calm like in the Marina del Rey.

Besides being physically strengthening, stand up paddle yoga also is great for mental empowerment. There’s a feeling of satisfaction when you finally master a pose, and also a boost of confidence each time you fall (which will happen) but get straight back up. It can be a little scary out on the unpredictable waves, but there’s definitely a sense of resilience you build within yourself through the practice of yoga on water.


SUP yoga is a new, novel thing. And that’s one of the great things about it! While sticking to workout routines day by day is wonderful, changing things up a little bit helps a lot. Trying something fun and new might motivate you to workout more, provide a cool activity to do when meeting up with a friend, or help you vary the muscles  that you use. If you’re always running, for example, your legs might be fit for endurance, but the muscles may not be as flexible. That’s why doing a variety of exercises is great for balanced overall physical health!


Imagine sitting basically on top of the surface of a sheet of water, soaking in the sun and gazing out into a horizon of more water. You can get this tranquil experience for real through SUP yoga, and it is so good! The feeling of floating, and sometimes drifting with the waves, can help your brain feel buoyant and less stressed. This pleasant, relaxing feeling is only enhanced with the sound of the ocean surrounding you. Overall, it’s nice to get away from everything while also reaping all the benefits of classical yoga.

There are many kinds of yoga, and many water sports, but none is quite like SUP yoga! We invite you to satisfy that urge to try something new through this fresh activity.

Pictures by: Karma Surf Retreat