Hanging gives you an excellent view of the wilderness. Los Angeles has many views for you to check out!

No-Fear, Safe Hang Gliding

“If you had a superpower, what would it be?” You’ve probably heard this question at some point, and head answers like telekinesis, shape shifting, or brain reading. For me, I’d just like to be able to fly (which is kind of funny because I’m also scared of heights). I think it’d be so fun to be like a little bird, flying around freely and looking at views from above.

The closest I’d probably get to that, realistically, is hang gliding.ย Learning to hang glide isn’t all that hard, but does require lessons because the biggest concern is safety! We’ve explainedย our hang gliding experiences before, but since we want y’all to be safe, here is a special blog post focused on just that. Without further ado, here’s our hang gliding safety advice!

  • Fly with friends: Even if you’ve hang glided for years, you’ll always want to bring some buddies just in case something goes wrong. They’ll be able to remind you of things to be cautious of and call for help in the case of emergency! Also, you should let others that aren’t flying know when you’re going for a glide so they can expect you back safely by the time you say.
  • Launch quickly: One of the more dangerous times during hang gliding is the take off, since that’s when you’re still pretty close to the ground and all the obstacles on it. You’ll want to get some speed going into your jump to help you soar away from those trees that might be in the way!
  • Understand changes: It’s weird, but hang gliding safety also means making sure your gear is fit for who you are. For example, if you gain or lose a few pounds, you might need to adjust your equipment to make it safe again.
  • Check your gear: Learning to hang glide also definitely includes learning how your gear should be. This is the stuff that’s keeping you safely in the clouds, so you’ll want to make sure that each piece is in prime condition! For example, the bolts should be tight, wings symmetrical, and parachute ready to spring open.
  • Be cautious about the weather: Even if you’re careful about everything else, you always still need to be careful about the weather. This one is completely unpredictable and will overpower anybody if you get stuck in the wrong conditions. Stay away from hang gliding if it’s a windy day!

Even birds have to be a little careful in their flying, and we’re the same way!ย So before you head out to find hang gliding places near you, make sure that you’ve got the safety aspects well under control.