Ready to test your fears and explore Los Angeles's most haunted hikes?

Spooky Haunted Hikes in LA

What is there to do in LA around Halloween season? There’s always nibbling on candy and sweet treats or dressing up in costumes, but those are activities that might get old pretty fast. Here at Lyvly, we think it’s a lot of fun to be active, and the same applies even with Halloween season! The haunted hikes Los Angeles offers get your blood pumping and are frighteningly fun.

1. Cobb Estate

EASY,  Lake & E Loma Alta Dr Altadena, CA 91001
Distance: 1.5 miles — Time: 45 minutes

The Cobb Estate is a broken down old building right in the middle of a dark forest. Although there’s not a main ghost to be found in this area, there are creaking noises all around and sometimes pitter-pattering of feet on the remains of the building. Getting to this building (which is technically going from the Sam Merrill trail to Echo Mountain) requires going through this “Haunted Forest”. Consider driving a little further to Altadena Haunted Gravity Hill, where putting your car on neutral on the downhill will somehow make your car move up the hill, as if some spirits were keeping you from crashing the way they did.

2. Haunted picnic table 29

Haunted Picnic Table 29

Haunted Picnic Table 29

MODERATE, Mineral Wells Picnic Area, Griffith Park
Distance: 3.5 miles — Time: 2 hours

This isn’t like any other picnic table. Why? In 1976, there was a young couple enjoying a romantic Halloween picnic at this table when the tree they were sitting under fell, instantly mangling and killing them. More than that, the tree is still there lying menacingly on the table today because every time people try to move it, odd things happen. The first tree trimmer sent to clear the tree was scared away by ghostly whispers in his ear that said, “Leave us alone”. When his supervisor scoffed at the story and decided to go up and clear the tree himself, he was found dead next to the table with his chainsaw bent in a U shape at his side…

You can find this picnic table near the intersection of Vista Del Valle Drive and Mt. Hollywood Drive in Griffith Park, right off the main road. What a hiking date idea, right?

3. The old zoo trail


MODERATE, 4801 Griffith Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Distance: 3 miles — Time: 2 hours

Another creepy place in Griffith park, the Old Zoo is the remains of some pretty cruel holes and rusty cages that animals were once kept in. Ironically, this zoo (which existed there in the early 1900s) was supposed to be a natural zoo, with a habitat that the animals would enjoy. But, the zoo was crammed with animals and employees that didn’t treat them well — stories of people who beat, suffocated, and otherwise neglected the creatures. The screams of the animals can still be heard echoing today, and their anger felt clearly in the air. See the decaying Old Zoo yourself starting your haunted hike from Crystal Springs Ranger Headquarters. (If you’re not up for too much spookiness, there are many other hikes that start around the same place too! Or check out some more calming hike ideas of LA.)

Whether you use these hikes as Halloween date ideas or just fun haunted hikes with family and friends, we hope that you’re moderately spooked and excited to go on them again and again! If nothing else, know that you can indulge a little bit in those sweets after you’ve gotten your workout in 😉