Biking boosts happiness while burning calories, so why not grab your bike and try out the trails near you.

Bike to Work. Bike to Home. Just Bike More!

Biking is familiar. I’m willing to bet that most of us have learned how to bike — probably in elementary school, in the street in front of our houses, with those training wheels on our sparkly bikes. But even for those that don’t know how to bike yet, it’s not at all hard to learn, and is very much worth it. And with all the amazing bike paths we have in Los Angeles, it would be a shame not to take great advantage of this.

Biking is an enjoyable, practical sport. It’s fun bonding time, gets us places, and helps us burn a few calories while we’re at it. Try to not be convinced by these truths about biking 😉

It boosts your mental health + happiness

Keeping good mental health is super important, but it’s also really hard for those that are constantly stressed, rushing from place to place, or just busy. The fact is, being in action all the time isn’t always the best for your brain, which needs some downtime to rest and reflect. Try instead the tranquility of a bike route!

Biking is really nice because it’s a daily dose of being outside, whether you’re in a nature preserve or just bicycling along a street. It’s a good time to wind down, to just focus on pedaling and crossing the street safely without having to think about everything on your to-do list! Also, it helps to take in fresh air and get a little easy exercise in your day to boost your brain functionality also. Many people have said that regular biking makes them feel better and happier.

I bike to work everything single day for the simple reason that it relaxes me, makes me feel better, and gives me a breath of fresh air before being cocooned up in my office for the next 10 hours.

It’s good for the wallet

All those hours stuck in LA traffic really add up — I feel this in particular when I fill my gas tank. Biking instead of driving once in a while helps you save money on transportation costs, especially since bikes are so cheap and last forever! Over the years, having a bike can be a really good investment. Even renting bikes can be cheap! Plus, you get to explore a bunch of Los Angeles bike routes you otherwise couldn’t for free. So, getting a bike means lots of fun free dates, family days, or quality alone time!

It’s healthy — for you and the environment!

Even though biking might seem kinda easy (after all, you’re sitting the whole time) it’s actually quite a good workout. Yes, it could be simple if you’re just casually biking along the coastal routes, but it could also get pretty intense if you’re going up and down hills, like near UCLA. Either way, biking is a good way to be a little more active. If you biked instead of drove to the grocery store or to work, or had a biking date instead of watching a movie over the weekend, you’d get a nice little activity in your day. More than that, you’re doing wonders for the environment by cutting down on the amount of carbon dioxide produced with your car!

Since it’s such a familiar and easy to do activity with so many perks, why wouldn’t you try biking? I’ll be off to bike home right after this, and I’ll enjoy everything about exploring LA’s bike routes:)


Well some people just want to bike in a stationary way and for that we’ve got the perfect opportunity. Just try cycling with in a room with an instructor kicking your butt to go faster and harder, listening to amazing choreographed music, and you will see the light. Try out one of our amazing studios:

Pictures by: Bureau of Land Management