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What is Strength Training and Coordination?

In earlier times, I ran track, but now my preferred routine is to hit the gym with my friend Andrew a few times a week to “lift”. Don’t get me wrong, running is still part of the routine, but it’s fun to see myself getting stronger as I’m able to work on more weight, and it takes a little less mental energy to get through each set. And guess what? There are a ton of benefits to resistance training.

Maybe you’re not too big a fan of cardio, or maybe you’re just looking for a new style of working out. Either way, strength training is an activity that’s booming in popularity for guys and girls alike and is one that I definitely enjoy! It’s not even too difficult to get started:

Who: Like we said before, everybody can strength train! There are specific workouts that might best suit men, women, older individuals, and the young ones as well as their needs. For me, I don’t want to look too bulky so I’m able to find exercises that mostly tone but still make me stronger.

What: Strength training is kind of what it sounds like, consistent training in order to improve your full-body strength! Usually, this will include exercises for your core (abs), arms (triceps, biceps, forearms, and little muscles), legs, back, chest, … the list goes on and on! Exercises will also usually include some kind of resistance, such as with weights or bands. All of these are meant to not only improve your strength but also your coordination, flexibility, and overall well-being of course.

When: There’s a routine to strength training that gets you the most effective results, which I also find calming since following a planned schedule makes me feel responsible and efficient. However, for those that are a little more spontaneous, no worries because there’s flexibility in this scheduling too.

In general, individuals who strength train will perform their exercises a couple days a week, such as every other day or every day except for Sunday. The days that don’t include strength training are designated as “rest days” and are necessary for the body to recuperate! For the training days, some people will do the same activities each day (like an ab workout), while others will choose certain body parts to work on each day (biceps on Mondays, triceps on Tuesdays, “leg day”  Thursdays, for example). Just make sure that you persevere with whatever your plan is for at least a month or two so you can actually the results!

Where: While you can strength train to some extent at home, learning to strength train with personal trainers that have years of experience on how to help you is extremely valuable. In addition to knowing just what plans to create for you, personal trainers also will help you with your specific goals, limits, and lifestyle. You can find many personal trainers just in the area , along with their gyms that have all the specific equipment you would need.

Why: Having a strong body helps you have a healthy body. This is pertinent to anybody, regardless of whether or not you play sports or do other activities, because we use our bodies on the daily and engaging our muscles helps strengthen them to  work the way they should. The rest of your body gets many perks as well, just two of which include overall increased coordination and endurance!

As one Joyce Brothers once said, “A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.” We think that strength training is just right for that! 🙂