Wear proper footware when you workout, especially in barre.

Comfy Shoes and Socks to Wear at the Barre

It’s been said that “good shoes take you good places.” This is true in many cases — who doesn’t feel more confident in the morning when they put on a stylish pair of shoes that perfectly complements their outfit? — but all the more so in athletics. Properly fitting shoes are so important in sports because they prevent injury and help stability. That being said, let’s talk about good footwear for barre!

Since barre is typically an indoor activity on hard wood, shoes are sometimes worn but the main footwear of choice is socks. As a preamble, though, if you’re looking for barre shoes check out this handy guide that details when you ought to wear wrap shoes, barefoot shoes, or other barre gear. Now on to the socks!

Why do we need Barre Socks?

As a girl who usually prefers to be barefoot, socks are not really my thing, but I can see why it’s really smart to have them for barre! In barre classes, which are in hardwood studios, socks are important because they keep you from sliding around when doing positions and exercises, but also keep the studio safe and sanitary. Think about it — if you’re going to be lying on the floor later, wouldn’t you prefer a clean floor as opposed to one that has foot sweat on it?

Qualities of a Good Barre Sock

To perform the way you want them to, barre socks should be rather thick and have sticky grips on the bottom. Yes, that means that you probably won’t want to just wear your normal socks to barre. 😦 Day to day socks like the ones I usually wear easily are soaked through with sweat, and aren’t really any less slippery than my bare feet. That’s why barre practitioners typically buy “grip socks”, which can be ~$11 a pair. It’s a worthy investment for safety and sanitation, especially when there’s not much other equipment you require for this excellent sport!

Our Recommended Barre Socks

  • The Barre Code: We’re all pretty used to ankle socks, but these rise up a little higher up your foot, which helps a lot! Never have I had to deal with the annoyance of the sock slipping off my feet as I’m working on my plié. The main con to this sock is that it does come as one size fits most, but based on reviews this hasn’t been too much of a problem.
  • The Bar Method: You can get these socks online or at Bar Method studios – either way, you’ll get a quality classic grip sock that will cushion your feet for your entire workout! As a bonus, these socks are pretty cheap at $13, and come in a variety of sizes (none of that one-size-fits-all deal here)
  • Pop Physique: These socks are super cute and their playful colorfulness always makes me excited to barre! For the eco-friendly person, these socks are made of bamboo and cotton; for the wallet-friendly person, these socks are $12! I think the “En Pointe” and “J’adore Barre” socks are the cutest.

Don’t slip and slide, but stick your way to a great barre workout! Let us know if you find any great new barre gear that works for you 🙂

Oh and don’t forget to find your own favorite barre studio of course!