New Year's resolution done right

Making the Most of Those New Year Vibes

That’s right we’re in 2018 and people are not only looking for new things to do around them, they’re also committing (mentally at least) to being healthy and fit this year. But they’ve made this promise to themselves before yet they are saying “this time it’ll be different” – “sure hun, sure…” but we’re actually here to help you make them reach their goals and gain a valuable clientele while doing so.

Get social

I don’t mean in person, although that too, I definitely me on the online πŸ˜‰ Blast your social channels, this is where you need to make that extra bit of effort to remind your current and about-to-be members that they’ve committed to something. Post frequently and tailor your messaging to your clientele. We’ve seen a number of tactics around this:

  • The guilt trip: “remember that resolution you made while gorging yourself on stuffed Turkey over the holidays? Now’s where that kicks in!”
  • The motivational hype: “Be yourself, stay active, and live it up – in 2018 get in the best shape of your life :)”
  • The harsh reverse psychologist: “Don’t fulfill your resolutions this year, you’re fantastic as you are… which is why you made that promise in the first place…”
  • The straight-talker: “You ate over the holidays. You made a promise to get fit come January 1st to make yourself feel better. Now’s the time to do it. Sign up today!”

Hit up January like a winter storm

It’s a heck of a winter in the North East this year but here in LA we’re going to create a storm of our own. Increase your class offering significantly in January. Make sure your members don’t have an excuse not to go. Add new types of classes, take requests, constantly ask for feedback and interact directly with your clientele.

Give discounts or swag. I know it hurts today but that 20% discount for three months is a great way to get that recurring payment for the rest of the year. Make sure to structure it as a longer term commitment (we’ll cover pricing later).

Create a January challenge – prove you can fulfill your resolution – and encourage your clients to share their progress with their friends.

Don’t stop there

While January is the month to capitalize on resolutions most of the time people stop with them after 4-5 months but there’s no reason they have to. Keep up a regular campaign of “follow your resolution” marketing. Have a special class every month called “if you ain’t fulfillin’ your NY resolution, this is you getting back on track” (ok maybe don’t call it that but you get the idea).

And don’t stress if you’re too late, or this is too hard, or you’re just doing fiiiiine without this advice, because New Year’s will come around again in 12 short months.

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