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The Best Barre Arm Workouts at Home

Barre workoutsΒ are all about toning muscles to become leaner and more flexible. But specifically, I like barre because it’s a good way to work on my arms without stepping into the weights section of the gym, which can be a little intimidating. I can also do all my barre workouts at home which is awesome as there aren’t any good studios or barre classes near me. So read up on how barre can help you with your arm toning!

What types of weights will I use?

Light ones, which means just 3-5 pounds. A heavy apple or water bottle is an easy substitute for these weights (as you consume they get a little lighter as well).

What kinds of barre exercises work the arms?

  • Rope pulling: A lot of barre exercises work the shoulders. Try holding one light weight overhead, with the other relaxed at your side, then moving the higher weight down and lower weight up until the position is reversed. It’s kind of like pulling a rope downwards, and has helped many a person have those nice dancer collarbones!
  • Isometric Bicep Curls: These are just a little different from the average bicep curl, but oh so much harder! They’re basically mini bicep curls β€”Β one holds light weights at elbow height, then moves the weight up an inch, holds the position, down an inch, and holds the position again. For the entire minute that the exercise is performed, the weight is held at almost the same height while the rest of the body is still!
  • Tricep dips: These are probably familiar to you, and with good reason since they are so effective at tightening that underarm jiggle! To make them more challenging, try doing the dips from a chair instead of on the floor.

Why do isometric exercises make my arms strong and lean?

Isometric exercises are very small movements of your muscles, so they can target all of the little muscles instead of just the bicep and tricep (have you heard of the extensor carpi ulnaris? me neither). Because movements are small, isometric exercises help with stabilization, which is pretty important in barre, dance, and life.