Best yoga customer service

Managing New Clients

Like any business in any industry, new clients help grow your company, your revenues, your reach, and can even help improve the experience of your classes for the rest of your clients. And seeing as you’re probably making the most of those New Year’s resolutions, you’ll be getting a bunch of new clients. So making sure your new clients have the best of times on their first visit is of paramount importance.

In this article we’re going to explore a few common ways to make sure that your new clients’ first time experience will be what makes them come again for months onward.

A personal touch

Out of all the possible places to go to your new client chose to come toΒ youΒ and tryΒ you out, you need to make sure they feel like you also chose them. Nothing will go further than making your new client feel like they are taken care of at a personal level.

On their first arrival make sure you, the instructor, or the staff, greet them by their name, welcome them properly, and take a genuine interest in the client’s aspirations.

After the class make sure you go to them, ask them how it was, ask for candid feedback, and thank them for participating – this will go a long way in creating a fantastic first experience and make your new client feel welcome.

Attentive listening

When you talk to your new client make sure to take the time to listen to them. Whether it’s to better understand their needs and trepidations or to get feedback on their first experience at your business, you need to be quiet and take notes. Not only will this make your new client feel like what they have to say is important, but you might also find out great ways to improve your services for your future and existing clients.

This listening doesn’t only extend to first-timers however, it’s important to always take an interest and be attentive to your clients on the day to day.

Acting on feedback

Once you’re done listening to what your clients have to say make sure to act on it, and let them know you’ve acted on it. If the temperature in your gym was too high make sure to let them know you’ll lower it for next time – and then next time they come ask them how they like the temperature. If there wasn’t enough locker space, let them know that you’ll look into adding a set or come up with an alternative plan.

Even if you disagree with your client, you need to demonstrate that you took the time to listen and acted on their words. You took the time to consider what they said and really valued their feedback.

A positive lasting impression

Reward them for giving positive feedback and compensate them if their negative feedback could have been remedied. If they weren’t satisfied from their first experience offer them a free class that they can try again and make sure to enact the changes they complained about.

At the end of the day a free class to change a new client’s opinion from negative to positive will go a long way. And if at the end of the day they’re still not satisfied, you can always offer them a refund and they’ll remember you for excellent customer service – even if your program wasn’t quite for them they may still recommend your services to their friends.

Finally, make sure that every member of staff from the welcome desk to the other instructors are familiar with your approach and treat new clients in exactly the same way as you would.