The best yoga gear is really important to become an accomplished yogi

The Actual Best Yoga Pants (and more!)

It’s been debated ever since yoga pants have been trendy, right? A question of which brand has the best quality for the price and will actually keep you comfy throughout a yoga workout, whether indoors or outdoors. And what about all the other equipment you might use, like the all-important mat? Here’s our definitive top threes for the necessary yoga gear out there:


First, a quick word on hydration! There are a lot of good, cute, ecofriendly water bottles out there that can refresh you during your practice. Don’t forget to add your own swag by collecting some stickers and labels of your favorite things to personalize yours.

  1. Klean Kanteen (~$20): These bottles are easy to clean and keep water tasting like water, thanks to their stainless steel make. Otherwise, they’re sleek, with many caps to mix and match with. They’re also leakproof and dishwasher safe!
  2. Nalgene ATB Bottle ($8): Nalgene bottles are my go-to when I think about having an inexpensive, safe plastic water bottle. Thankfully, this updated version has a great sport cap to minimize dribbling!
  3. Nike Sport water bottle ($11): This bottle is asymmetrical, which is a little artsy if you think about it. But really, the asymmetry is quite convenient for grabbing the bottle for one hand – plus, water will only come out if you squeeze, so don’t worry too much about leaks.

Yoga Mat

  1. Manduka ProLite ($80): This mat is a little expensive, but it does come with a lifetime guarantee! It weights just four pounds and is quite comfortable. There are rumors that as you use the mat, it becomes even better, as the initial stick and slip of the outer manufacturer’s coating is rubbed away.
  2. Gaiam Print Premium ($30): It’s okay to do yoga without dropping a lot of money on a mat! This budget-friendly option is a reliable, cute mat that checks off the desired boxes of being non-slip, cushioning, and durable. There’s also a print for everyone, from purple leaves to grey mountains.
  3. “The Mat” from Lululemon (~$50): This is one of the best non-slip mats out there, which makes it very reliable when you’re practicing those tricky poses! You won’t need to towel the sweat down off your mat in between practices, especially since the mat is moisture absorbing and comes with antimicrobial properties.

Yoga Pants + Leggings

  1. Girlfriend Collective (free + $20 shipping): You might have seen this rumor of free leggings going around Facebook at one point or another and been a little skeptical, but they’re tried and true! The brand is all about recyclable fabrics and being good to the environment – and its workers – while producing quality products. And the yoga leggings themselves? They’re super soft, quick-drying, not sheer, and just right on compression.
  2. Athleta Sculptek Ankle Tights ($98): These soft mid-rise pants really move with you while you’re zen in yoga! They have no seams (so no pinching or itching from that!), attractive cut, and have those popular little pockets in the back, plus they’re sweat-wicking and odor resistant. Athleta is also great in that it has options that are just right for petite, tall, regular, and plus-sized yogis, and yogis of any experience level.
  3. Under Armor Cold Gear Fitted Legging ($50): These leggings keep you at the right temperature as you’re stretching, with performance material that keeps body heat but also is breathable. The fabric doesn’t chafe, either! This pair is a lot less costly than a lot of the other popular brands out there while functioning well regardless.

Now that you’ve equipped yourself well for the practice of yoga, go out and zen!