fitness studio in the New Year

Power Through 2018 Even After Resolutions Have Expired

I warned you about this. I really did. About a month ago I said you need to capitalize on everyone’s New Year resolution and keep it going. And now, as you can see, it’s becoming relevant. Well don’t worry, we’re gonna help you set things straight.

Innovate. Innovate. Innovate

Sounds incredibly hard doesn’t it? But it’s actually not so bad and honestly not so different from what you usually do anyway. A few weeks into the New Year people are getting into their routine and that’s great, that’s what you want, but what happens to those people who find their routine monotonous? They still need to be engaged with and this is where innovation comes in to play.

You can create new classes (which you supposedly do regularly anyway), you can create themed work-outs for special events (V-day is coming up!), you can have “bring a friend day”, the options are endless. Obviously, these will depend on what you offer but mixing things up is always good.

Creating Series

Why is it that TV shows like House of Card or Game of Thrones are SO addicting? It’s the fact that you always want to know what comes next. Well it can be exactly the same for you.

Whether is several week bootcamps where the story’s cliff-hanger is how good your body will look or a path towards a certification or if you’re literally creating a story out of your work-out, leaving your clients to want to come to the next work-out with an original idea can go a very long way.


Get personal. Each one of your clients is different and you need to make sure you know which ones need tailored attention. Make sure to get feedback from them as a group as well as in person and then make sure that for those that seem most likely to flake out on their New Year’s resolution you create that extra incentive that’ll keep them coming.

Keeping your offering fresh and original will not only help keep your clients on track with their resolutions it’ll help create a long lasting vibe for all of your clientele and make you stand apart.