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Customer Acquisition: How to Get New Clients

Have you ever wondered how you can get more customers or make more money? If the answer is yes, this article is a “must read” for you! With this article, I will give you some innovative, low cost, and creative ideas regarding customer acquisition and lead generation. Let’s take that first step to expanding your home business and fulfilling your dreams!

How do I bring in new clients when my resources are limited and my reach is not large?

My five step method called “PRICE” will help you bring in new customers while also keeping your old clients. My customer acquisition method is named “PRICE” because it is an acronym that consists of promotions, referrals, the Internet, colleges, and example. Each component is critical for you as they will help bring in new clients so your small home gym or perhaps business can expand and grow!


Everyone likes a good deal! In this day and age, earning money is hard. And on top of that, there seems to be countless loans to return and never-ending bills to pay. This makes it increasingly difficult to save enough money to promote your own business.  However, offering your customers occasional promotions is something that can really help get your business venture launch and become more well known.

Promotions such as “one free class on your first visit” tend to appeal to many people because by attending, they really have nothing to lose. You can offer these time to time because such unpredictability is what keeps members engaged! On the other hand, you can also provide discounted options for your members. For example, you can offer discounted annual passes and monthly passes. But please keep in mind that providing your members with too many choices may be counter-productive as well.


A free class for you, a free class for me, and a free class for everyone you bring! When I speak of referrals, I am “referring” to the ones you hear about, see online, or take advantage of most often—these are the ones where an existing member decides to bring in their friend or family because your business or the gym services you offer are above the rest.

Referrals for members of your gym may be as simple as offering free classes for both your original customer and a friend when they bring that new friend to your gym. But, if that isn’t your cup of tea, you can also consider offering discounted prices for larger groups of people when they sign up for your gym classes.


Can you imagine all the possibilities on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other large social media platforms? The potential is unlimited! Take advantage of social media because this is the medium where information could spread extremely quickly and a video can attract a few million viewers within the short span of a few days. However, keep in mind that the content of your post must be interesting to the social media users of today’s generation. You can read more about content coverage in my “example” portion below.


It is probably very hard to find more densely located people than on college campuses! Given this situation, you should definitely make the effort and travel out to public college campuses near you. There, you can hand out fliers with information or special deals. And because there are so many students, one day of work can prove to be very effective—you will be surprised by the number of students you can stuff fliers to. Trust me. I have handed out fliers before. Another route you can opt to take is to hire college campus representatives who will help promote your awesome organization!


It’s not news that people love reading stories about how a person in their community has transformed from “zero” to “hero.” This is the idea of “leading by example,” and it draws a lot of attention. But first, you would have to identify the type of activity you are attempting to push. For example, if you are advertising weight loss, you would ideally want to find someone who has tried out your program and has achieved stellar results. Then you would create something like a short clip that shows the slow progression of the changes that have occurred over time. Remember, pictures speak louder than words. If you follow all of these steps, your video will bring about a large circulation on all forms of social media and the general public will be sure to sign up for your classes in no time at all!