Rock climbing is a great physical and mental workout

Activity Highlight: Rockreation

Sick of running on the treadmill every day? Looking to switch up your workout routine? Searching for a fun but challenging activity? Β If you said yes to any of these questions, rock climbing is the answer to your problems. For all you West-siders, Rockreation isΒ the gym to try out your rock climbing skills at.

What is Rockreation?

Rockreation is a climbing gym that offers bouldering, top-roping, auto-belay, and lead facilities, as well as a fitness area with yoga and fitness classes. There is an instruction staff available to teach you if it’s your first time or give you tips for improving if you’re more experienced.

Why should you try rock climbing?

If you’re looking for a fun, challenging new workout to try, rock climbing is the move. Climbing involves upper and lower body strength as well as footwork and flexibility. There are mental benefits, too: figuring out the way to the top hones your problem-solving skills and focus. If you still don’t think rock climbing is a good workout, climbing for just one hour can burn over 700 calories!

Why is their West LA location ideal?

Rockreation is located in the Sawtelle area, and it is the only rock climbing gym in West LA. This also means that you can grab a delicious bowl of ramen or a plate full of soup dumplings on Sawtelle to refuel after your climbing session.

How do you get started?

If you’re new to climbing and want to try it out, Rockreation’s Fight Gravity Series is a great way to get an introduction to the activity. The package – at $129 – includes three Fight Gravity classes, a free month membership, and free equipment rentals. Group sessions are perfect for beginners because the instructors take care of belaying for you. If you don’t want to commit to a month, a day pass will cost you $20 plus the cost of equipment rentals.

Bonus: Endless Summer Bouldering Competition

Climbers of any level will climb ten boulders, receiving points based on how far you get. If you make it to the finals, you have a chance at winning a share of the $1000 cash purse. Admission is $40 and gives you access to the gym, a T-shirt, a raffle ticket, and a drink and food package. Join the party, win some cool prizes, and challenge yourself to climb those boulders!

Check out Rockreation in West LA for your bouldering and rock climbing needs. The instructors will guide you through the basics or give you more advanced tips if you already have experience climbing. Rock climbing is a fantastic workout for your body and mind, and Rockreation is the ideal place to do it.

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