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2.1 – How to Start a Corporate Wellness Program

Now that we have established a solid understanding about the health and productivity benefits of Corporate Wellness programs, let us now move along our series and learn about the basics of building and implementing a creative Corporate Wellness solution for your business.

Build your Company Profile

Corporate Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In order to find the perfect Corporate Wellness solution for your business, we need to first assess what defines your business and makes it unique.

Strengths and Weaknesses

A good place to start is identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your work force and business.

Health assessments and biometric screenings are a great resource to establish the current health landscape of your employees. Additionally, just taking a look around the office can help guide where you want to focus your Wellness initiatives.

Are your employees sitting all day? Offer stretch breaks or hold standing-meetings. Is the office kitchen lacking healthy food options? Offer healthy alternatives. Healthy snacks, catered office lunches, and rewarding good work with gift cards to local healthy restaurants are a few great solutions. Is your team lacking synergy and collaboration? Offer in-office fitness classes and organize team hikes on the weekends.

Company Mission

Considering your company’s mission and goals can guide your Corporate Wellness solution. For example, if you work in the health or medical field, a good Corporate Wellness solution that will not only benefit your employees and work place productivity, but also supports your company’s mission could be having your company sign up for an AIDs walk.

Location, Location, Location

As rudimentary as it might sound, the location of your workplace can offer creative ways to implement Corporate Wellness.

If you live in a bike-friendly neighborhood, you can urge employees to bike instead of drive to work or offer free bike rentals for employees to use during their lunch breaks. Team walks around the block after lunch, can be a great way to reduce the common after-lunch fatigue or “food coma.” If there is a great yoga studio down the street, offer your employees corporate pricing or, if your office space permits, have an instructor come by to teach an in-office yoga class.

When it comes to connecting your employees to local fitness and recreational activities, Corporate Wellness providers like Lyvly are stellar options. Lyvly offers unbeatable discounted access to hundreds of local gyms and recreational activities and offers this access through a platform that is accessible and easy to integrate into your business. Corporate Wellness providers are a great resource of support for your Corporate Wellness solution and we will explore them more concretely in a couple of chapters!

Get Creative

Get creative with your Corporate Wellness solution. Your company is unique and there is no reason why your Corporate Wellness solution shouldn’t be as well. Above are just a few examples of how to get creative with developing Corporate Wellness program.

In order for your Corporate Wellness program to be successful, it needs to work for your company. By evaluating the complete profile of your company, you create a program that accentuates and builds on your company’s strengths while also improving the overall health and culture of your workplace.

In the following chapter, we will address the biggest concern of considering Corporate Wellness, the costs, and how there are viable and effective solutions for every budget.

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