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How to Beach Bum in Active Style

Are you a beach bum? Do you want to be more active but still uphold your ~chill dude~ image? Or do you just want to find out about some cool beach activities?

Being a beach bum is an image: it means spending your free time at the beach and having a relaxed attitude. Not to be confused with a surfer dude, a beach bum dabbles in various activities other than surfing. Read on to find out about some low-key but active things you can do at the beach.

Beach volleyball

There are nets set up along the Santa Monica Beach, so grab a few friends or join a group who’s already playing. All you’ll need to bring is a ball and some competitive (but still chill) spirit. Beach volleyball seems like a low-impact sport, but it’s actually a great full-body workout because the way your body adapts to the movement of the sand works muscles you don’t normally use.

Skim boarding

This one may be a little more difficult, but it’ll also make you look like the coolest bum on the beach. You can find a cheap board at a sporting goods store (or just grab a plank of wood, you know, whatever dude). Once you have your board, set it where the surf meets the sand, get a running start, and step onto the board. Ride along the sand until the board stops, and make sure you throw up a shaka to show everyone how chill you are. Even if you wipe out, you’ll still make the other beach bums jealous.


Spikeball has recently blown up in popularity, and the beach is the perfect place to play it. This activity calls for a round Spikeball net and ball, and two teams of two. Similar to four square (throwback to elementary school), teammates work together to get the other team to miss by bouncing the ball off the net. The great thing about this game is there are no boundaries, so you can take free reign of the beach and run around as much as you want.

Body surf

If you don’t want to use any equipment, body surfing is your best activity. This requires very little effort – simply wade out into the water, wait for a wave, and then relax as you ride the wave back to shore. It’s basically the active equivalent of floating… Not only will this activity be fun, but you’ll look cool doing it – as long as you don’t get pummeled by a wave.

Beach yoga

If you want a more relaxed activity, grab a beach towel and get your vinyasa on. If you don’t know poses off the top of your head, there are tons of pictures and videos online that you can use as a guide. This is the perfect way to embrace your zen mantra in a dynamic, active way. Let the sound of the waves relax you while you strengthen your body and mind.

Hopefully these ideas for active things you can do at the beach inspired you to do something besides lay on your towel for hours on end. There are so many ways to have a fun, relaxed day at the beach while still staying active.

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