How to have an active weekend

Itinerary For an Active Weekend

It’s easy to spend your entire weekend bingeing TV shows and Postmating pizza. Instead, get off the couch and explore LA with these dynamic and fun activities. I created a sample itinerary for a weekend filled with engaging ways to get moving and discover some new things to do.


Activity 1:

For a productive start to your weekend, first try your hand at rock climbing. Rockreation in West LA is an indoor climbing gym where you can boulder and rock climb – they have awesome classes on week-ends as well. After your climbing sesh, grab a bowl of ramen on Sawtelle, which is just a few blocks away. I would recommend Tsujita or Daikokuya for some of the best noods in LA.

Activity 2:

Now that you’re refueled, amp it up even more with a Krav Maga class and learn some self defense. If you’re unfamiliar with Krav Maga, it is a type of martial arts designed to teach you how to physically defend yourself should you ever need to. It is a high-intensity and practical exercise. Now that you’ve just done two workouts, you may need a nap.

Activity 3:

After you’ve recovered, end your night with an escape roomย experience. Grab a few of your closest friends and choose between three rooms at this particular location: Curse of the Mummy where you uncover King Tut’s tomb, Pirate’s Den where you search for lost treasure, or Secrets of Wizardry where you use magic to break an evil elf’s curse. Make sure you go to bed early so you’re prepared for more activities on Sunday.


Activity 1:

Since Saturday was a high-intensity workout day, cool it off with a zen (but still active) Sunday. Start your morning with beach yoga in Santa Monica. Beach Yoga with Brad is a group class that only costs $10 – bring cash and a beach towel or yoga mat. This is a great way to stretch out your body, work your muscles, and enjoy the ocean views and sea breeze.

Activity 2:

Head up the coast to Malibu for a hike. On the way, grab an acai bowl at my favorite place, SunLife Organics. Some of the most beautiful hikes are in the Malibu area: Escondido Falls, Point Dume, or the Parker Mesa Overlook trail if you don’t want to drive as far up the coast.

Activity 3:

End your relaxing day with a cooking class with bae or your best friend. The Sushi Academy teaches you how to make various rolls; if you’re not a fan of raw fish, try a date night cooking class and enjoy a candlelit dinner that you cooked yourself.

These are just a few ways to have an active and enjoyable weekend. Check out our other blog posts for more ideas – get out there andย seize your weekend.

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