Exercise not only to become healthier, but also to look better as well!

Why exercise? Look good, feel good, and be good.

Speaking from personal experience, I think that exercising on a daily basis can be one of the hardest things to keep up with. I know that some of you may disagree with me saying that work or perhaps getting up in the morning may be that one hardest struggle you have to face every day. But if you think about it in a different perspective, work is something that you have to do in order to be able to afford the basic life necessities. In comparison, exercise, may seem more like something extra because it is something you can do, but also something you would often choose not to do because eh, why bother right? However, what many people may or may not know is that a little bit of exercise every day can help you “look good, feel good, and be good” all in one package!

1. Look good. Present your best self.

Looking good can consist of many things. Although many people apply excessive makeup or wear a fashionable suit and tie before heading to work, I would argue that exercising is one of the better and “most natural” ways to look good. So, what can exercise do for you? Very simply put, people who exercise can burn more calories. And through exercise, they can achieve their preferred body weight or perhaps even a long-coveted body shape. It’s really just that simple!

The cool thing about exercising to look good is that you can generally “customize” yourself and how you want to look. For example, if you want to lose weight and become thinner, you would probably do more cardiovascular or aerobic exercises. On the other hand, if you want to become lean or “ripped,” you can choose to lift more weights. Having many exercise options can provide your exercise regime with both a lot of fun and a ton of variety!

2. Feel good. Live every day with a bundle of energy and a positive attitude.

Feeling good is something that seems simple, but is not easy to achieve. We all have our daily struggles, conflicts with friends, and obstacles to tackle. I get it, I truly do. But don’t let your negative emotions cloud the things that you can achieve. There are many things in life that can provide with that positive vibe, and exercise just so happens to be one of them.

With exercise, you can feel good mentally and physically. The essence of exercising is that it can make you feel happier. And since what many of want in life is to be able to live happily, why not let exercise help you out with that? On a completely different note, exercise can also give people a genuine sense of accomplishment of having achieved goals that they have set for themselves, which can help build both self-esteem and confidence.

3. Be good. Ensure a lifetime of health.

Due to a large number of random and unexpected things that occur each day, exercise really can’t ensure you a lifetime of health. However, it can promise you health benefits that can improve your overall quality of life. Exercising regularly decreases the risk of developing certain diseases, which include obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Furthermore, it can also help you develop a stronger heart, tougher lungs, and more durable bones. Although these listed benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, you get the idea: being good and living healthy is very important in life, so allow exercise to help you get started on your journey to ensuring a lifetime of health!

Phew, that was a lot of ground to cover. But after all that, you must be pumped up to get started exercising tomorrow morning! What, you’re still hesitant to undertake this great task? Hear me out one last time. I recognize that exercise is something that is easier said than done. However, with all there is to gain from exercising, I implore you to make it into a daily habit so you can “look good, feel good, and be good.”

One thought on “Why exercise? Look good, feel good, and be good.

  1. Jess Stranger says:

    I was always sporty growing up, spent my childhood enjoying the wilderness that surrounded my parents’ property. After I attended college, I kind of stopped the sport thing – did the occasional hike, but more of less stopped, because my school and work schedule simply did not provide me the luxury of taking care of myself proper. Then, I got married in 2012 and my husband, he is a fitness extraordinaire – the essence of his life is fitness, which is fantastic, which was also the motivation I needed to pick up fitness again. Ever since, it has been a daily part of my life and I cannot live without it. Whenever I am feeling a bit off or gloom because life is life, I go on a run that burns the blood inside me and resets my energy. Looking at how my body has transformed over the years makes me feel awesome, knowing that hard work pays off and continues to. Take care of yourselves, people.


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