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Outdoor Yoga in LA

There’s nothing like doing yoga outside on a beautiful day, basking in the LA sun and doing some good for your body and mind. You would be surprised how many outdoor yoga classes are offered in LA. From rooftop yoga in downtown, to goat yoga, to yoga on a paddle board, to yoga and mimosas in Malibu, there are so many cool options to try out.

Beach Cities Yoga

Beach Cities Yoga offers yoga on Hermosa Beach. Classes include Vinyasa flow, Kundalini, yin and restorative classes, and meditation. Members also have access to special events such as glow in the dark yoga, hiking yoga, and weekend classes than end with mimosas.

Beach Yoga With Brad

Join Brad for yoga at the water’s edge on Santa Monica Beach. Brad offers both morning yoga and sunset yoga for those of us who are not morning people.


Have you ever seen people doing crazy yoga poses while balancing on top of boards? You can be one of them with Yogaqua – a class where you do Vinyasa flow on a paddle board in Marina Del Rey. Don’t worry if you’re a newbie, though, because instructors teach you how to use the board, plus the waters in Marina Del Rey are calm.

Griffith Park Yoga

Griffith Park Yoga is a donation-based class welcome to all levels. Enjoy the lush environment and spot some natural wildlife as you practice yoga in the park.

Malibu Yoga and Mimosas

Head to the Malibu Wines outdoor tasting room for a one-hour yoga session followed by a glass of their Brut Mimosa. This class is only $20 cash for both the yoga and mimosa!

Pershing Square Yoga

Free classes every Tuesday and Thursday evening are held in the Pershing Square labyrinth lawn during the spring and summer.

Yoga in Santa Monica Mountains

This free event includes yoga and the opportunity to learn about the National Park site and talk to a ranger. Pro tip: stay after and hike one of the many beautiful trails in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Goat Yoga

$30 will get you one hour of yoga, a beer, and a meet and greet with the baby goats at Hello Critter Goat Yoga. The goats will wander around during your practice as well.

Rooftop Yoga

Head to Smorgasburg at ROW DTLA early for a 75-minute yoga class on the roof accompanied by soulful grooves. Afterward, head down to the food festival and enjoy incredible food from 50+ vendors.

Vinyasa and Violin

Also on a rooftop, this Vinyasa flow yoga class includes live violin music by Volkan the Violinist. The roof is concrete so bring a mat, but water is included. Tickets purchased in advance are only $15.

Yoga and the outdoors are the perfect combination. Both are restorative for your body and mind – studies show that spending time in nature improves memory, lowers blood pressure, and fights depression, among many other positive benefits. Combine that with the anxiety and depression-combating effects of yoga, and you’ll feel relaxed and happy. Check out one of these fun and unique classes and let us know how it goes.

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