Laser tag can be a fun and engaging workout


Remember playing laser tag as a kid and coming home exhausted from running around all night? LazRfit offers the most fun cardio class ever: 45 minutes of laser tag where you compete against other players as a coach guides you through the experience. You’ll be too busy having fun to realize you’re actually doing a cardio workout.

What is lazRfit?

LazRfit is a workout studio that combines laser tag and fitness. It is designed to give you a fun, collaborative workout that engages your body and mind. Players run around obstacles while attempting to hit opponents’ targets and evade enemy lasers.

What are the benefits?

The experience consists of a warm-up, a core exercise, coaching, and two rounds of laser tag. LazRfit also offers conditioning and flow yoga classes.

On average, a player burns 500 calories, takes 3000 steps, and squats 150 times during a 45-minute lazRfit workout. In addition to cardio, the combination of running, core work, squatting, and jumping on obstacles works various muscle groups. The experience works your mind as well, as you must use strategy to hit people’s targets and protect your own.

How do you get started?

First-timers should arrive 15 minutes early and check in at the front desk before getting a tour of the facility and getting acquainted with the equipment. The coach will give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the class. Before starting, sign a waiver and drop your stuff off in the locker room, which is equipped with showers, lockers, and towels. You should wear workout clothes, training shoes, and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

LazRfit offers single classes, class packages, and memberships. I would recommend the 3-class package for only $33. If you’re looking for a more long-term commitment, Lyvly members can buy a membership for $48/month.

My experience

I got the opportunity to bring my mom along to try out a LazRfit class. We checked in at the front desk and then one of the owners, Philippe, gave us an orientation where he explained the concept and the equipment. You wear a lightweight vest and hold your laser gun, which has a screen showing your points on it (see picture of me and my mom below). There are sensors on the front and shoulders of the vest where you can get shot, as well as on the gun. Philippe explained that LazRfit is different from typical laser tag because it’s all about precision: the targets are small, and you must hold the laser on your opponent’s sensor for at least .1 seconds for it to register as a hit. Before starting, the other owner, Lucie, warmed us up with some quick exercises. Then we headed into battle.


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The space is filled with wooden obstacles to utilize as defense or offense mechanisms. You can only gain points – not lose them – so the winner of each round is determined solely by how many times you shoot your opponents. The leader’s equipment glows blue so you know who to take down if you want to take the lead. There were only five of us taking the class, including me, my mom, and three guys from USC, but up to twelve people can play per round. The first round, my mom beat all of our college-aged butts. Philippe came back to teach us how to “pop” up on the obstacles – it’s difficult, but with some practice you can quickly pop on top of the barriers, vault yourself over them, or use them to jump into the air to make a downward attack at someone hiding behind one. Then we got to play another two rounds, and by the end I was dead tired. You’re too busy running, ducking, and dodging to realize you’re actually getting an amazing workout. Disclaimer: you WILL be dripping sweat by the end of the class.

Lucie and Philippe built the entire studio themselves. They designed the lightweight equipment to allow for a muscle-working, calorie-burning workout, and it is much better than the clunky laser tag equipment you’ve used before. Both Lucie and Philippe are masters at the game, so they are super helpful in explaining everything and giving tips to improve your technique. I am very competitive, so I had a great time attempting to win each round, and I saw myself improve over the course of only three short rounds. The more you play, the better you get, and the more fun it is. I would highly recommend LazRfit for anyone who wants a fun, engaging, and dynamic workout.