The Best Outdoor Activities in Southern California (Water Edition)

Summer is here, so a lot of people are probably considering having some fun in the water to cool down! For all you Southern California residents, visitors, and tourists, there are actually a lot of water activities you could pursue during your time here. These water activities can vary based on a range of experiences, difficulties, and types, so make sure you finish reading the entire blog post! Let’s go and explore some options in which you can go ahead and get started with one of your best summer adventures.

1. Kiteboarding: Flying Above the Waves of the Ocean

Pulled directly from a quick Google search, kiteboarding, or commonly known as kitesurfing, is an adventure watersport that consists of using a large steerable kite to pull yourself around on a board, which sits on top of the water. As a kiteboarder, you would wear a vest around your body, which will be connected to the kite. Your hands will be placed on the bars in order to control the direction, but the brunt of the force is taken by the vest, so you do not need superhuman strength to hold onto the kite itself. This will allow you the freedom to jump and fly through the air, which is actually tons of fun to perform!

2. Jet Skiing: A Test of Your Balance and Coordination Skills

If you are one who enjoys the thrill of speed, you will love jet skiing! Quite self-explanatory, Jet skiing is a water sport that allows you to ride through the waters at high speeds with a jet ski. Although this activity sounds fun, it is not without its risks. Thus, it is recommended that you take a training course first to ensure that you have the basic skills to ride safely. However, if you choose to get a certificate or enroll in some prerequisite training, you will be in a good position to access the many benefits that jet skiing can provide you. Just to list a few, these benefits include developing balance and coordination skills, strengthening core muscles, and getting a good cardiovascular workout on the water.

3. Snorkeling: Viewing the Wonders of the Underwater World

Snorkeling is an extremely, extremely fun experienceβ€”take it from someone who has been snorkeling before! This activity is an awesome way for anyone interested to explore the underwater world as it only requires the ability to swim, to breathe, and simply, to have fun. All snorkeling requires you to do is to float face down and observe all the wonders of the sea. Typically, no training is needed and the required equipment, a mouthpiece and some fins, are also easy to buy. As a snorkeler, you often get to see the wonders that scuba divers may miss, which include sea turtles, manta rays, and the very majestic sea animals that come up to the surface!

4. Scuba Diving: An Immersive Experience in the Ocean

Similar to snorkeling, scuba diving also involves the use of a mask, snorkel, and fins. However, scuba diving allows you to be totally immersed in the ocean by diving deep into the underwater world. Thus, this activity requires more training and some certification. Equipment also includes the very important oxygen tank that allows you to breathe underwater and to travel to even greater depths. If you are down for a fun adventure and perhaps some challenges, scuba diving will be the perfect activity for you!

5. Stand Up Paddleboarding: Having Fun While Getting a Full Body Workout

A seemingly easy water sport, stand up paddleboarding is not as easy as you may think it is. This fun activity originated from surfing, another popular water sport. However, unlike surfing where the rider sits on the board until a wave comes, paddle boarders start standing up and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. Not only are you going to get a good workout by navigating through the water, you will also get a lot of exercise attempting to not fall off of the paddle board itself. That’s why I advertised above that you would “have fun while getting a full body workout!”

Whether it is snorkeling or scuba diving, jet skiing or kiteboarding, there are tons of fun water activities to pursue in Southern California! All we’re waiting on is for you to participate. Oh, and also, to subscribe to Lyvly and my blog for more coverage on other fun things to do around California. The next installment of this series are activities that take place in the air. If you are at all interested in the thrill of being in the air, be sure to take a look at my next article!

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  1. Jess Stranger says:

    Great list here, Regina. I really enjoy the Be Lyvly “things to do” series. I also want to add that there is kayaking in La Jolla and La Jolla caves that is a lot of fun to do. I actually just bought a Groupon to do it this month and I look really forward to it. This would be my second time.


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